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OPV "Groundwater protection,Ltd"

OPV has been operating on the market as a private company since 1991. The company provides services mainly in the fields of geology, ecology and environmental protection. The main activities of OPV are remediation of polluted rock environment and groundwater resources. OPV offers also hydrogeological and engineering-geological survey, as well as related design, consulting and other professional services. Company also provide laboratory analysis, preparation of basic reports with IPPC,environmental risk assessment and hazardous waste management. OPV performs interventions in the event of ecological accidents.


R&D projects and OPV's entry into the Middle East market

Since 2018, OPV has been involved in several interesting programs, one of which is undoubtedly the company's entry into the Middle East market, specifically with a branch in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, one of our most interesting customers in this market is ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) for whose mining sites OPV evaluates the sustainability status and quality of groundwater reserves. OPV further expands its operations to Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but Abu Dhabi remains a central location. Furthermore, the company devotes its resources to R&D projects, solves the second follow-up project in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, focused on decontamination of pesticides and heavy metals from groundwater, all research and development is under the auspices of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TAČR.

Points of Interest

An interesting feature of OPV's R&D research is the achievement of significant results in the field of pesticide decontamination from the groundwater with our own nanotechnology product "CerACTIVE" which was developed in cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague.

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Company headquarters - in the Czech Republic

The company's headquarters are located in Prague 6, Bělohorská Street No. 31 near the Pyramida Hotel. By car, the company's headquarters are accessible from the Vypich intersection with a turn to Bělohorská Street or from the direction from the center from the northern portal of the Strahov Tunnel with a turn to Pod Kajetánkou and Bělohorská Streets. Tram connection is provided by line number 22 from the Malostranská metro station or line 25 from the Hradčanská metro station.

PRAHA: Bělohorská 264/31, 169 00, Prague 6 Břevnov, Czech Republic, Phone: +420 220 515 042, Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 17:00 CET, Email: opv@opv.cz

LIBEREC: Americká 26, 46010, Liberec 3, Czech Republic, Phone: +420 485 150 268, Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 17:00 CET, Email: opv_lbc@opv.cz

Managing director - Jiří Čížek: Cell phone: +420 605 591 336, Email: cizek.j@opv.cz Email

Deputy managing director - Michal Žák: Cell phone: +420 723 085 272, Email: zak.m@opv.cz Email

OPV laboratory - Jozef Šugár: Cell phone: +420 605 923 026, Email: sugar.j@opv.cz Email

Head of Liberec center - Zbyněk Vencelides: Cell phone: +420 603 266 057, Email: vencelides.z@opv.cz Email